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When it comes to joining an adult entertainment website, you choose the site based on your viewing preferences. If you like hardcore content, you tend to gravitate towards a website that is devoted to catering towards your needs. Twistys has dabbled in hardcore content from time to time but it's not why people sign up for a membership on their network.

I would say that Twistys is much like Playboy, in that, you will find beautiful girls being photographed by an outstanding group of photographers. The content at Twistys gets a little more raunchy than Playboy, so if you're tired of fantasizing about those gorgeous girls posing nude at Playboy, wishing they would go to the next level, rest assured Twistys is the place to go. If your looking for hardcore porn, look elsewhere, you won't find it here. Twistys is all about erotic, glamorous women posing for some of the top photographers in porn. My advice would be that if you are looking to watch videos of pornstars having sex, Twistys isn't the right site for you to join. They have that but it is not the main focus of content and it can easily be found elsewhere.


The main reason anyone joins an adult website, is the content. They don't care as much about security or privacy as they do about the content. So here we can see a difference in Twistys tour page and Twistys members homepage. The updates are at the top, including photos and videos, while in the middle is Twistys exclusive Treats as they like to call them. Twistys calls them Treats because it's a model that they enjoy working with and are glad to shoot extra content of them for their members. Down below that, Twistys lists all the sites that are incorporated under their network. All of these sites are free, so you don't have to pay extra to see their content, it's under one umbrella, the Twistys Network.

Looking all the way down on the bottom of the page you will see something that I don't like, an advertisement. It's understandable to see ads on free pages but members don't like to be advertised to. Twistys is part of something called a Porn Portal, more about it later, all you need to know about it right now, is it's a bunch of websites that you have to pay extra to get access to. All of the Twistys Network is free for members of Twistys, anything else not Twistys related, in the Porn Portal, is extra. So Twistys shows ads on it's members pages to coax it's users into spending more money on the Porn Portal. There is a logical place to advertise these extra sites but not on every single members page. Just take a look at the ads on all of these screenshots if you don't believe me that they are on every single page, the photos speak for themselves, members will be constantly bombarded with ads throughout their experience.

First thing, after you become a member, is to login. After that you will be taken to a page that will let you know that in order to get FULL access to everything you now have to upgrade to a VIP membership.

Here you can see everything you now have access to since you became a VIP member. I'm not sure why they don't offer the VIP membership upfront instead of having to go through the payment process yet again. Don't put that credit card away though, there are quite a few places on Twistys members pages that will try to hook you in for more charges. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if it's something you want, then by all means, pay for it. Just make sure your aware that the Porn Portal will tease you with a lot of extra content that you are going to have to pay more for on top of what you are paying for Twistys. I'd suggest writing it all down so you can keep track of it, otherwise you are not going to know what charges go to what when the credit card bill comes knockin'.

Let's start browsing some of that content we just paid for. You have access to the entire archive of Twistys content dating all the way back to when the site first opened, which was all the way back in October of 2001. That's a lot of content to browse through. You will be sure to stay busy on Twistys website, they have 1207 models listed on their modeling page, where you can pick from your favorites and enjoy all they have to offer. Notice those ads are still there.

Photos can be viewed as a slideshow or in thumbnail mode. Clicking on a photo in thumbnail mode, takes you into slideshow mode, so thumbnail mode is useless, in my opinion. At first glance, you might think that the photos are very tiny, even in slideshow mode. If you click the photo again in slideshow mode, it enlarges the image to it's full glory. There are comments to read from other members but not very many. Twistys should rethink it's design scheme. Look at all the unused space that is being shown where the comments will be. There are no comments on this set, so, why does the viewer need to see all that empty space? Oh yes, I know why, that ad on the side, mustn't forget that.

The video of this set is very similar, we have a lot of empty space down below for those comments to go in. You can change the quality of the stream to 1080p but you cannot download anything unless you are a VIP member. If you don't intend on filling up your had drive with as much goodies as you possibly can, don't worry about VIP access and enjoy the live stream.

Twistys treats are given their very own special pages. Twistys chooses who their monthly treat will be but members have the opportunity to cast their vote and select a treat of the year. This is something interactive and fun for the members to do. Twistys should add more interactivity to this and have a live chat with the selected model where she can discuss with the members what kinds of shoots she will do for them.

Twistys gives you access to a bonus area if you are a VIP member. This bonus area has access to quite a few DVD's, old and new, mostly old. Nothing to get too excited about, the content isn't very well organized and the details for each DVD are a bit lacking. This was just something extra that they wanted to throw in to keep members busy. It works, as it turns out, you will keep very busy sorting through everything and finding some of your favorite scenes from back in the day. If this appeals to you, maybe a VIP membership is the right choice then.

That's pretty much it as far as Twistys content is concerned. You've got your photo and videos and there really isn't anything else left. That's not unusual and other adult sites fall in line with this narrative. Below you can see all the sites you have grouped together under the Twistys flag, they are all free for members. Then, Twistys will present to you, a discount page, where you can see all the sites you "could" have access too, for only a few dollars more. They show a selected discount off, however clicking on the More Info button simply takes you to the prospective website, you don't get any detailed information about the discount, if there even is one. More ads are displayed on the "ad" page.

Please help me keep this website alive by using my affiliate links below when joining Twistys. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

A thorough review of the Twistys Network consisting of security checks, content comparison and membership prices. Is Twistys giving it's users value for their money? Any bonus content offered? The members area is put under a microscope!
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